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Thursday, November 3, 2011

This post is dedicated to my beloved :

 Ankhen Band Kar Lu Jo Mein
dekhu Bas Tumhe
khwabon Mein Keh Sakta Huin Aapna Tumhe
rehne De Mera Ye Wehemte Hi Yakin
na Jaoge
pyar Ki Yeh Raat Hai Ab Na Ja
chotisi Ik Baat Hai Ab Na Ja
tumhi Se Hai Meri Neendein Na Bhi Ho To Kya
tumhi Se Hai Meri Baatein  Na Bhi Ho To Kya
kehne De Taaron Ko Kahaani Ankahi
na Jaoge
pyar Ki Yeh Raat Hai Ab Na Ja
chotisi Ik Baat Hai Ab Na Ja

pal Do Pal Ka Saath Hai Ab Na Ja
jadusi Ye Raat Hai Ab Na Ja
ab Na Ja

aankhen De Pyaar Ki Boondein
bikhre Se Kai Sawaal
ankhon Mein Kitne Mausam Pal Mein Beetein Kitne Saal
behne De Jahan Bhi Le Jayen Zindagi Na Jaoge
pyar Ki Yeh Raat Hai Ab Na Ja
choti Si Ik Baat Hai Ab Na Ja
pal Do Pal Ka Saath Hai
ab Na Ja
jadusi Ye Raat Hai Ab Na Ja
ab Na Ja

Monday, December 28, 2009

Falling in Love

Three people in my life so far, I have loved them.They told me that they:

I doubt anyone will ever feel that deeply for me. I don't even care if they fall out of love in time. I just want someone to love me so much that they fall in love with me and swim in the ultimate connection of being "at one" with me. Two complementary souls, blending with each other, happy to be mirrors.

I would think that it's going to be a fantasy for me the rest of my life. But I met a girl online on some social media site. Everyday at least twice I think about this girl who I really love and she likes me back. The problem is that I live in Delhi and she lives in Chandigarh. I haven't seen her, we were thinking of having a long distance relationship. It's hard because we can't be together in person. We are in contact with each other, but it's not easy and emotional. I actually cry at night sometimes and I know it isn't right for guy like myself to do that. I just miss her and can't stop thinking about her. I love her. I will never tell my friends and family that I cry sometimes about this. It would be embarrassing.

I hope I can meet someone around me to read this, having the same problem as me. I just don't know what to do...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Somebody attracts me!!!!!!!!

Uptown girl
You know I can’t afford to buy her pearls..
But maybe someday when my ship comes in..
She’ll understand what kind of guy I’ve been..
And then I’ll win..

Uptown girl
She is my uptown girl..
You know I’m in love
With an uptown girl..
……….Billy Joel

Falling in love is a magical experience that happens between two people. But still I don't understand why do people fall in love?

When a person finds someone they are attracted to who also seems to be attracted to them they feel the opportunity to expand themselves. While penning down my thoughts, the movie Shrek popped into my mind. In the movie, Lord Farquad wants to find love just so he can become king. It makes me think that he wants to expand his "self" and power.

So is that all love is, a ‘Fake” emotion or is it really a word used to show a strong "relationship". While the duel with regards to is bound to continue let me get back to reason why I started this post.

This post was not entirely about “why we fall in Love” but was more about me being “attracted” towards someone and am sure this is not “Infatuation” (just in case some of the “Love-Guru’s” might think of it that ways)

Right now you can say I’m on the Primary Stages of this “fatal disease” where all that matters to me is to “ catch a glimpse of her”, meeting her, talking to her and if it would be my lucky day then probably sharing some time together (Though I don’t think I can ever get lucky in love, just being realistic).

The reason why I call this as a “Primary Stage” is coz you love the feeling of being in this stage, as for me it brings smile to my face just thinking the way she talks, smiles, dresses (well the list could be endless and I might go on and on)

But then reality sinks in and a thought or thoughts flash in my mind –
“Am I the right guy for her or is she the right girl for me? Perhaps this is the dilemma that has stopped me from confessing my love for her.”
“Will she say Yes if I ask her out?”

So many if’s and but’s, falling in love was easy but confessing it is really difficult especially for a guy. (Pearls of wisdom from a great mind of mine..lolz)

I wish I had the powers of Mel Gibson from the movie “What Women Want” and would be able read her mind. Maybe one day I would be able to read her mind without those powers (Here is hoping for the best , am die-hard optimist you see)

Till then to all my friends wish me luck because am suffering from “LOVE”
And my Uptown Girl I miss you!

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