Monday, March 22, 2010


I always thought my life would be better in another world or even if I was brought up in another country but being in another world completely sounds better :)
Have a forest where I can live like a free bird. Amidst the forest a laid back river where i can just sit back and listen to the music of Mother Nature.

Have a wonderful group of friends around me that I love to be around. Live in this type of house or a little cottage house with a nice garden/yard where I can chill out and relax in Cottage.

Have a banyan tree in my garden/yard.

Have a beach close so I can sit quietly by myself, with friends or be with my true love having romantic walks along the ocean talking about stuff with them and sitting on the sand listening to the ocean with her arms around me

While watching the sunset in the evening.

Have a field to relax in (a lot of relaxing lol ), do a lot of staring up at the clouds or the stars seeing what shapes I can make out of them (with my love or friends).

My dream girl would be like that with a great personality, caring and love me for who I am so we can enjoy spending time with each other ........ she also has to be a good cook ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Also have a magic wardrobe it will be like a fridge as well that will give me anything I wanted or need to live on like food and clothes ha ha ha ha ha.

Basically I want to be in a place that accept me for who I am and knowing I fit in

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