Monday, December 28, 2009

Falling in Love

Three people in my life so far, I have loved them.They told me that they:

I doubt anyone will ever feel that deeply for me. I don't even care if they fall out of love in time. I just want someone to love me so much that they fall in love with me and swim in the ultimate connection of being "at one" with me. Two complementary souls, blending with each other, happy to be mirrors.

I would think that it's going to be a fantasy for me the rest of my life. But I met a girl online on some social media site. Everyday at least twice I think about this girl who I really love and she likes me back. The problem is that I live in Delhi and she lives in Chandigarh. I haven't seen her, we were thinking of having a long distance relationship. It's hard because we can't be together in person. We are in contact with each other, but it's not easy and emotional. I actually cry at night sometimes and I know it isn't right for guy like myself to do that. I just miss her and can't stop thinking about her. I love her. I will never tell my friends and family that I cry sometimes about this. It would be embarrassing.

I hope I can meet someone around me to read this, having the same problem as me. I just don't know what to do...

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