Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I screamed but no one hears, I failed trying to communicate I can see everyone but no one hears me. No one really listens all they hear is from their own heart, their own desires, their own ambition. Today Siting in my office all alone feeling very much disowned by my office colleague and my friends.

These days I am very much upset can't find way to escape, don't have enough courage to fight the situation. I don't know ke mai apni baate kis se bolu . So I thought to write it down

I have been having tons of dreams about her my first love but the strange thing is her fiance is in all of them. In my last dream. I was some how homeless and she let me stay with her and her fiance (who was kind of senior in my office) I just remember that in the dream she was around a lot but was very cold to me yet at the same time very concerned. I remember a lot of old emotions coming back and me wanting her acceptance. We were together her living room and me leaving the house telling her I was going for ever and I tried to kiss her and she turned away.

I know that she doesn't love me...still I love her ...,I know she isn't into me and I should leave but one part of mine doesn't want to..
why doesn't she love me the same I love her... :( :(

love hurts.....

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