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Monday, February 14, 2011

be my Valentine

I Want You To Be My Valentine.

Tu Mujhe Soch Kabhi Yahin Chaahath Hai Meri
Mein Tujhe Jaan Kahoon Yahin Hasrath Hai Meri
Mein Tere Pyar Ka Armaan Liye Baitha Hoon
Tu Kisi Aur Ko Chaahe Kabhi Yeh Khudha Na Karen

P.S. I  Love You

Monday, October 25, 2010

Love Story

Broken Heart
Do chidiyon ki prem kahani..
Ek din female chidiya ne pucha: Mujhe chod kar tum udd to nahi jaoge?
Male chidiya - udunga to tum pakad lena.

Female Chidiya: main tume pakad sakti hu, par fir pa nahi sakti.
Male chidiya ki aankhon mein aansu aa gaye. Usne apne pankh tod diye aur bola ab hum hamesha saath rahenge.

Ek din zor se tufaan aane wala tha to female chidiya udne lagi. Tabhi male chidiya ne kaha tum udd jao, main nahi udd sakta.

Ek daali par likha tha: "Kaash wo ek baar to kehti ki main tume nahi chhod sakti. Toh shayad main tufaan aane se pehle nahi marta"...

Moral: Love exists till the circumstances are good, otherwise nobody cares...

Do not love someone too much, it hurts...

Monday, March 22, 2010


I always thought my life would be better in another world or even if I was brought up in another country but being in another world completely sounds better :)
Have a forest where I can live like a free bird. Amidst the forest a laid back river where i can just sit back and listen to the music of Mother Nature.

Have a wonderful group of friends around me that I love to be around. Live in this type of house or a little cottage house with a nice garden/yard where I can chill out and relax in Cottage.

Have a banyan tree in my garden/yard.

Have a beach close so I can sit quietly by myself, with friends or be with my true love having romantic walks along the ocean talking about stuff with them and sitting on the sand listening to the ocean with her arms around me

While watching the sunset in the evening.

Have a field to relax in (a lot of relaxing lol ), do a lot of staring up at the clouds or the stars seeing what shapes I can make out of them (with my love or friends).

My dream girl would be like that with a great personality, caring and love me for who I am so we can enjoy spending time with each other ........ she also has to be a good cook ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Also have a magic wardrobe it will be like a fridge as well that will give me anything I wanted or need to live on like food and clothes ha ha ha ha ha.

Basically I want to be in a place that accept me for who I am and knowing I fit in

Friday, October 30, 2009

I know I cant but I still do

I never thought that I would ever be in Love....let alone find true & real love.Until one day I met the Love of My Life & Soul mate. She is soo amazing & perfect. She makes me the happiest that I have ever been. Just when I think that I can fall more in Love with her...she always ends up proving me wrong...I fall more in love with her every single day. She makes me want things that I have never wanted before, like marriage & kids & a family. She makes me feel things that I never thought I would or could ever feel. I feel soo loved & wanted & needed.

I know that I should not love you the way I do.... no I can't its wrong but I love you anyways. I know you can never know but a part of me still longs to tell you. When you are near me it takes all my self control to not shout it out In fact I can't dare to tell you.

I wish you say the smallest thing and it will bring a smile to my lips but you can never know so i must stay here with this broken heart and try to live my everyday alone and empty :( I love you with all my heart

Friday, October 23, 2009

Will My Dreams Ever Come True................?????????

When I saw her for the first time she was slim, shy, sincere, decent, punctual, still she is the same... I usually watch her very now and then as the moment I get free. I really want her to look at me...just once! However, the irony of life kills me. She never even give me a look, even a short and a simple glance back, this fact does not change my attitude towards her! I love her like anything.

'It's wonderful to be loved, but the best thing in the world is to be understood' God can't be so cruel to dreams will come true...but still the only question that arises in my mind is that....will my dreams, ever come true.........???????

Pray for me... Happy weekend

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Somebody attracts me!!!!!!!!

Uptown girl
You know I can’t afford to buy her pearls..
But maybe someday when my ship comes in..
She’ll understand what kind of guy I’ve been..
And then I’ll win..

Uptown girl
She is my uptown girl..
You know I’m in love
With an uptown girl..
……….Billy Joel

Falling in love is a magical experience that happens between two people. But still I don't understand why do people fall in love?

When a person finds someone they are attracted to who also seems to be attracted to them they feel the opportunity to expand themselves. While penning down my thoughts, the movie Shrek popped into my mind. In the movie, Lord Farquad wants to find love just so he can become king. It makes me think that he wants to expand his "self" and power.

So is that all love is, a ‘Fake” emotion or is it really a word used to show a strong "relationship". While the duel with regards to is bound to continue let me get back to reason why I started this post.

This post was not entirely about “why we fall in Love” but was more about me being “attracted” towards someone and am sure this is not “Infatuation” (just in case some of the “Love-Guru’s” might think of it that ways)

Right now you can say I’m on the Primary Stages of this “fatal disease” where all that matters to me is to “ catch a glimpse of her”, meeting her, talking to her and if it would be my lucky day then probably sharing some time together (Though I don’t think I can ever get lucky in love, just being realistic).

The reason why I call this as a “Primary Stage” is coz you love the feeling of being in this stage, as for me it brings smile to my face just thinking the way she talks, smiles, dresses (well the list could be endless and I might go on and on)

But then reality sinks in and a thought or thoughts flash in my mind –
“Am I the right guy for her or is she the right girl for me? Perhaps this is the dilemma that has stopped me from confessing my love for her.”
“Will she say Yes if I ask her out?”

So many if’s and but’s, falling in love was easy but confessing it is really difficult especially for a guy. (Pearls of wisdom from a great mind of mine..lolz)

I wish I had the powers of Mel Gibson from the movie “What Women Want” and would be able read her mind. Maybe one day I would be able to read her mind without those powers (Here is hoping for the best , am die-hard optimist you see)

Till then to all my friends wish me luck because am suffering from “LOVE”
And my Uptown Girl I miss you!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why we are so confused

Few months back I meet a girl , who is 6 years elder to me we became friends. In some meeting we went intimate and started liking each other. But after that she felt that things are going too fast and we are complete strangers to our backgrounds, ambitions and attitudes.

So we thought of spending time together just like any normal friends do and check for ourselves how compatible we are. Things were going fine with me when one day she said that I must not call her often as it makes her think about my intentions. I don't understand what went wrong.

I love her with all my heart and soul but she is confused. What is important in a relationship Love or Compatibility.

"Hi all this is my first blog post , I request all fellow blogger to help me out i m totally confused."

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